Grupo empresarial

Somos un Grupo Empresarial conformado por varias compañías, que se articulan en función de un mismo objetivo.

BOTERO SOTO is a company with 70 years in the market, aimed at satisfying the needs of different audiences, generating trust and credibility for what we do. In these 70 years we have advanced; in 1947 we started as a bimodal transport company (fluvial road) adapting to the conditions that the infrastructure of the moment allowed, but year after year, we have assumed challenges and dreams, which over time have been materializing making part of our history organizational We have been growing at the pace of the country's economy and of course, responding to the needs of the market: operation of car transport in specialized equipment, implementation of risk management programs, transportation of liquid bulk and in the year 2000, we give strength to integrated logistics services, under the project scheme. Alliances, acquisitions, new spaces, logistics platforms, among others, are part of the evolution that the Company has achieved year after year.


70 years in the market, have allowed us to know and understand the sector, to develop innovative practices that remain and evolve over time, through the relationship with our customers, which allows us to keep our value proposition in force

Service attitude

Respect for people, the attitude of service, teamwork, are values ​​that contribute to the fulfillment of our reason to be

Integral responsibility

We are a company with Integral responsibility in risk management, safety, health at work, environment and quality.