This company is responsible for acquiring, managing and providing the business group of Trucks tractor units, platforms and appropriate transport equipment responding to the needs of operation with their respective cost structure specifications.

Phone: + 57 (4) 2814196


It is a company with administrative, commercial and logistics structure operating in Venezuela to accomplish comply with the regulations of the Andean Community on Nation Andean community and operate within that country.

Phone: +58 (261) 7230118

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70 years in the market, have allowed us to know and understand the sector, to develop innovative practices that remain and evolve over time, through the relationship with our customers, which allows us to keep our value proposition in force

Service attitude

Respect for people, the attitude of service, teamwork, are values ​​that contribute to the fulfillment of our reason to be

Integral responsibility

We are a company with Integral responsibility in risk management, safety, health at work, environment and quality.